Articles and Sermon Illustrations

These articles are about many subjects from a Biblical perspective. They can be taught as Sunday school lessons or used as sermon ideas. Use them freely in a church newletter, bulletin, web-site, or other publication once permission is obtained by e-mail. Only the KJV is used!

A Change in Plans


- A wrong decision can alter one's future in being used of God.

A Dad's Mercy


- A real-life example of one father's mercy to his son illustrates the mercy God shows us.

A Good Feeling by Being Obedient


- A Christian who obeys the Bible's commandments by being baptized will feel he has done what the Lord expected him to do.


- Are we more grateful than a whale?

A Last Effort


- Do what you can for the Lord now because you don't know if you have a tomorrow.

Ahead of "Modern" Science


- Hundreds of scientific facts were recorded in the Bible far in advance of man's "discovery" of them.

And What Did You Expect?


- A blunt examination of what one reaps when the wrong thing is sowed.


- A person can be remembered for the bad or good they accomplish.


- The Apostle Paul was concerned about false religion damaging churches and its people as we must also do do in these days.


- This article examines one more reason why it is so important to read the Bible.


- Many don't really really believe what they say they believe in. They are just following a crowd, or believing what they are told by their false religion.


- A Biblical perspective on why we may be going through "hard times".


- Are you beautiful in God's eyes?


- Despite a non-appreciative population, Christian influence in society is important.


- Before anyone will give anything to the Lord, including their heart, one thing should be reconciled first.


- Every Christian is a "watchman" that is to warn the world around them of the dangers of not being obedient to God's Word. Unfortunately, many are silent.


- This analogy teaches that a Christian should marry, and date, only Christians, or there will be reprocussions.


- How to keep from returning to your old life style.


- An illustration about the price tag on sin.


- Examine some reasons many give for not voting.


- There are many believing they will be headed to Heaven one day, but, according to the Bible, few actually going there.


- One can have joy when amidst hardships and tirals.


- After his death, where did my friend go?


- a fictional letter illustrating how hard it is to have a friendship with a Chrisitan-in-name-only person.


- It requires correct decisions and willingness to pay the cost to successfully serve the Lord.


- Christian, do you want to have a life used and blessed by God?  Be a servant to the King of the Universe as was Solomon.


- There are some things that God wants us to remember.


- Don't discourage others verbally or by not participating in events where your presence could encourage others.


- We easily give biblical counsel to others, but when it is our time to face a unknown future, will we practice what we preach?


- The Christian life offers changes and opportunities that you could never imagine; but you must choose to walk away from the 'old life', and let God guide you through the new.


- So many have little to show for in their lives, as their decisions and directions are always changing.


- Examine what the Bible says about encouragement.


- Learn what the Bible says about the sin of envy.


- Many are remembered forever as doing "evil in the eyes of the Lord." How will you be remembered?


- Here are just a few of the thousands of verses modified in the modern Bibles.


- An examination on what the Bible says about speaking out against sin


- It should not be a guessing game if a person is a Christian or not! Christians should be different from the unsaved world!


- There are reasons for the detours in our lives.


- The games adults play are not always fun and can do much damage.


- Sometimes you have to stop what you are doing and get things right with a person, as this account relates.


- All need to read the Scriptures for themselves and not take other's word for what it says.


- Christians can have a trustworthy source of always-right advice.


- Give as did those that gave when building the tabernacle.


- When we live right, as did Solomon in this account, God gets the glory!


- Missionary Patrick Boyle's account reminds us that God will meet our needs — even before we ask!


- A child of God is different and sees the world around him differently. This article gives some reasons why a Christian's perception is different.


- The independent nature of man to do his own thing and to disobey God has not changed much from his earliest predecessors.


- A child of God should read it and obey God's Wordt — no matter how foreign it is to today’s thinking.  God wants you to know His mind and way.


-There are reasons why we go through trials and tribulations.


- Learn about three 'governments' described in the Bible.


- No one can be saved by their good works, only by God's grace!


- Examine what the Bible says about our comparing ourselves to others.


- Read of an argument between neighbors, and how one Christian handled it.


- Ask God for direction in all things and wait PATIENTLY for His provision.  His selection will be the right choice for you if you will only be patient. 


- What kind of Christian testimony are we?


- You can't take your treasures to heaven. Send them ahead!


- This true story of a long married couple that died together, paints a wonderful picture of what Jesus has done for us.


- The one character trait God has that He expects in Christians is holiness.


- We are to live by faith. Seeing God's hand in a situation may not necessarily make one stronger spiritually!


- Although contrary to worldly philosphies, Psalm 1 gives basic truths on how to be happy.


- Many try and fail to make changes in their life. Nehemiah had the successful formula for making a permanent change in one's life.


- Some suggestions about reading your Bible


- Most of our excuses are not sufficient to keep us from obeying God. We can do all God requires of us.


- One's physical, social, or financial situation has little to do with one's happiness and joy.


- All we have is only temporary. The only thing that is permanent is our soul. Where will yours spend eternity? Heaven or Hell?


- Oh, if we would purpose with all our heart and actions to have such a testimony and desires as did the great King David.


- If you give what you have to the Lord, you will be amazed what He can do with what you have offered.


- Examine some of the many excuses that keep people from church.


- We only have one life. Heed God's commands to avoid unnecessary hardships.


- As early Israel discovered, even if a current leader is godly, sin encouraged by previous leadership can still cause God's wrath to fall on a nation.


- Some truths about a Christian's responsibilities


- If more would read and heed the Word of God, this world would be much different.


- If one could hear from a lost soul in Hell, most would not be convinced to repent. It has always be blind faith that has saved anyone.


- Why do we pray in Jesus' name?


- A Biblical story is used to illustrate what many do with the Word of God.


- This article reminds us of what God has already done and what He can easily do for those of His that ask.


- This poem is about conflicts in a church.


- The bad things are happening today because there are no moral guidelines, and every man is doing what he thinks is right. 


- Putting other's needs as a priority in your life may help you reap benefits you would never expect!


- Father God created this world! The mythical "Mother Nature" should get no credit.


- Why spiritual growth is minimal or nonexistent for some


- Instead of dwelling upon how a ministry used to be, get involved and make it what God wants it to be today!


- If you get too close or get involved with it, sin will rub off on you! This illustration pictures what happens when one gets too close.


-There is always a payday for sin. Often it comes when it is least expected.


- Spiritual decline will continue at break-neck speed if individual Christians do not stop the trend. We must make a stand to live how God commands.


- In many cases God does not want us to have an abundance. Much of the time God wants us to trust Him on an daily basis, as He did for the people of Israel when He provided manna for them.


- We no longer have to present a animal sacrifice to a priest, as in the Old Testament. Now any believer can go to God in prayer through Jesus Christ.


- Sin must be cleansed from a Christian's life.


- Can a Christian discern God's will for his life?


- When there is a disagreement between two, someone has to go first to restore the relationship.


- An illustration of a lighthouse emerged in violent waves illustrates well why we may be experiencing turbulent troubles.


- Coveting has brought much of mankind's heartaches and troubles.


- "And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might." Deut. 6:5


- Christians may face trials and tribulations, but they are no reason to quite the task the Lord has given you to complete.


- If you are a Christian, what kind of spiritual example are you to observing eyes?


- This story can remind us that God knows of our need before we do!


- Read how God provided a miraculous meal to the Israelites for 40 years, and how His provision can meet today's Christians's needs also.


- God dealt strongly with complaining in Numbers 11 and, so will He deal with it today.


- The current church age was prophesied to be cold nor hot for the Lord. Unfortunately many ministeries are just that; cold and indifferent about the things of the Lord.


- Examine wha tthe Bible syas about not being satisfied and being discontent.


- Start the New Year right by getting closer and being obedient to God.


- Many promised to be faithful to the Lord, but they are not.


- God can use us, even if we think a problem in our life would restrict Him from using us.


- The Bible never speaks of getting to heaven by doing good deeds.


- The sin of coveting is the root of most crimes, hoarding, and many other problems people have.


- A short story recalling the time when God again met our needs.


- This article discusses how to return to having a right relationship with God.


- Read a simple senario illustring how important our testimony is when serving the Lord.


- One would never suspect who will get saved and have a completely changed life.


- No matter who you are, sin can make anyone fall, and damage their life!


- God wants all to stay away from even the appearance of sin, as it will ruin any that get tangled in it.


- A Christian is purged! All our sins are carried away.  We do not have to continue in them, and we certainly do not need to dwell on what God has forgiven.


- This brief article discusses some of what the Bible says about the upcoming 'rapture'.


- Real biblical faith is evidenced by the works of the believer.


- I Cor. 13 describes real love, which sadly, many have never experienced.


- Here is a short list of many reasons people go to church.


- Just being religious does not guarantee anyone heaven!


- When we make a promise or make a commitment to God, we need to keep our word and do what we have told Him we would, or not do.


- One may not always have an opportunity to be saved.


- Read this analogy of a sinking ship compared to the failing, unsaved human race.


- This article defines seven steps of a person's ruin because of sin.


- Although opposite of what is taught in public schools and many governemnt programs, sin should not even be discussed. Education about sin only encourages activity in those areas. It does not decrease it!


- Many wonder should they, as Christians, go to church on Sunday or on the Sabbath? This brief article answers that question.


- Some get close to salvation, but miss an eternity with Jesus because they did not react when they had the opportunity.


- Many have lost “treasures” and opportunities the Lord had for them because of backsliding and sin.


- After we are saved we need to learn more, but, most importantly, we need to do something for the Lord after we are saved!


- This fictious dialogue illustrates how the Theory of Evolution makes little sense and is illogical.


- Get off the “fence” of trying to be on both sides: God’s and the world’s. 


- We will always sin, but we can learn to control it.


- The Word of God needs to have a proper place in a Chritian's spiritual diet.


- A quick look at what the Bible says about the practice of tattooing.


- Children are not being taught the truths from God's Word, but they need to be!


- We certainly should not want our lives to be a “washout.” That is why God allows detterants in our lives.


- Heeding what the Holy Spirit whispers to one’s heart is the beginning of a God-led life.


- This article discusses some behavior that discourages others from obeying or serving the Lord.


- Examine what really are the important things in life.


- Do not trust what sinful men have interpreted or would like you to believe is what God 'really meant to say.'  Stick to the King James Bible for English-speaking people.


- This maybe not so fictious account describes how many make their own opinion more important than God's Words.


- Dr. Yarnell's fictional account revealing the true heart of many televison viewers.


- Examine the error of the prodigal son, and many like him.


- The straying away from Biblical, moral standards, has weaked and devastated socities. This article mentions some of the damage liberalism has done.


- When many first get saved, they get a zeal to obey and follow where the Lord leads and to do what they are to do. We never want to lose that 'first love'.


- As we submit ourselves to Christ, we should also submit ourselves to each other in a marriage. God's way works!


- Look at a biblical perspective on contentment


- When God's people joined in prayer, God brought a great revival.


- Christians may be saved and forgiven from their sins, but they all battle the weakness of their flesh. All can fall!


- How a godly influence can change lives.


- Pastor Gartin's article points out that sin has integrated amonst Christians.


- No one's good works alone will get anyone to Heaven.


- In time of need, the Lord is the One you should turn to.


- When one is saved, the Holy Spirit indwells the believer. He never leaves, but He can be grieved and not be able to work in a Christian's life.


- Talking about a church problem most often does not help. It hurts the church and others.


- Man is separtated from God until he is born-again.


- This short dialogue illustrates how unreliable gossip is.


- There is only one God and only one way to please Him. That way is the way the Bible teaches!


- Getting too close to sin can put anyone in a dangerous position. This story illustrates the dangers.


- Here is a look at some of the wrong reasons for going to church.


- As with the story of Achan, there is sin within our nation. God did not tolerate it then and He will not tolerate it now!.


- As wicked as the world has become and as much as it has angered God, we can choose to obey and serve the Lord today, and please Him rather than anger Him.


- Although too many claim there is nothing they can do for the Lord, there is was badly needed position anyone can fill.


- Trials and tribulations do pass.


- Israel learned the hard way that God needs to be obeyed. Could America also be learning that lesson the hard way?


- The unsaved world is watching individuals testimonies to see if their Chrstianity is real. Christian, when they example your example, what do they see?


- Examine thoughts on Christianity.


- Even getting close to sin can affect one's life. That is why God commands us to keep as far away from sin as we can.


- The best example to follow is that of Christ. However, there are some that exhibit Christ-like attributes which are good to emulate. Paul is one such man.


- The price to heaven has already been paid. There is nothing we can do to earn our way there.


- This fictitous story could be what too many realize when they close their eyes to this world and open them in Hell.


- Build your life on a firm foundation.


- Here are a few statements that are made about the modern Bible translations that are not true!


- Christians need to separate from sin as much as possible.


- Do what Peter did for a short time, keep your eye on God. Do not look around, compare, and criticize what others are doing.


- We may think we are better than others, but in God's eyes we are all sinners.


- This true story of many girls in India receiving a new name, illustrates the new name a believer receives.


- The fault for man’s decline falls rightly on each man, women, and child for not knowing and obeying God’s preserved truths.


- What are you doing with God’s message that was faithfully delivered to you? Did you listen intently? 


- The Bible suggests how not to worry.


- Some Christians never "grow up".


- When one is saved, he should believe and act differently. There are some situations and places a Christian has no business being at.


- Learn what it is that we can really do for God.


- We are to use common sense in our decision-making, but many times we rely more on our own choices than those of the Lord. We are always to live by faith and wait patiently for God's provision!


- Is your disagreement over a spiriutal matter biblically correct or is it just your opinion?


- Man often tries to please God his own way, but there is one element in our efforts to please Him that is most important to God.


- The story of Barabbas.


- Why Biblical priciples may not work in one's life.


- God tolerates no sin.


- There are things that anger God!


- Intercessory prayer has done much to change countless situations  Often, when we cannot change a situation, God can!


- Who is your spiritual leader?


- A Christian should use spiritual discernment and scriptural guidlines when they vote.


- A brief reminder of the responsibilites that rests on a Christian's shoulders


- So many want to kick God out of their world, when it is His anyway. He made it and He is letting us stay here. This adventure in a chicken coop illustrates man's foolishness well.


- Here are some of the reasons folks do not seem to understand when encourage them to be saved.


- In your lifetime, have you seen how our society is degraded? Common sense is no longer common. Right is wrong, and wrong is right. Good is now evil, and evil is now acceptable.


- The early church in Corinth had som members that never spirituality matured for one reason.


- Reading and studying the Word og God will keep you from making many mistakes


- Many get saved, but do nothing for the Lord. While we are alive on this Earth, God expects us to do somewthing for Him.


- When you have problems in your life, do you go to the Lord first, or is He your last choice?


- Examine some of the many lessons that can be learned through our difficult times.


- Examine several principles why a church or ministry may not be growing


- Read five reasons why the "begats" in the Bible are important.


- We, as did Gideon, often wonder why we are going through hard times. Here are some biblical reasons why we have hardships.


- A look at some reasons for all the diffeent Bible versions.


- We should respect and obey our church leaders, but the Lord should really be the one we follow and pledge are alligence to.


- There are advantages and blessings in doing something for the Lord. Get involved in a ministry!


- Would you dare judge another, when you are or have been guilty of committing the same sin at one time or the other?


- My favorite Gospel magic trick illustrates how you cannot hide your sins.


- Fear when thinking about where one will spend eternity is normal and should not be ignored.  Those concerns are an opportunity to be assured of Heaven. 


- Christian, you are not your own to do what you selfishly want. You are purchased and God has plans for you!


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