Ahead of "Modern" Science

Bill Brinkworth

The Bible has long been known to be the Word of God. It has proved itself true spiritually, historically, mathematically, prophetically, and scientifically. Many of the scientific claims of the Bible were declared thousands of years before man had "discovered" them. The only way those things could have been known and recorded in the Bible is that they were revealed by God and preserved for us in His Word.

Here are a few of the hundreds of examples found in the pages of Scripture:


The Bible is scientifically accurate because its inspiring author was the Creator of all that we examine and wish to learn about. Kings, prophets, men, and rulers recorded exactly what God wanted us to know. We have a copy of it today in our King James Bible. It is a trustworthy source for answers to most of man’s questions. If the Bible says it, one can trust that it is true!


 March 10, 2007, re-edited: 1/19/2015

This article was featured in The Bible View #486.

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