Obedience in the Bible

Unfortunately, it is natural for most to not want to obey any authority. Often, it is a challenge to humble ourselves to submit to a power over us. In many lives a power struggle rages as children do not want to obey parents, employees resist obeying employers or even citizens refuse to obey laws. To some, obedience is no longer a struggle; as they have made up their minds a long time ago not to obey anyone but themselves, and certainly not to let anyone have any rule or reign over them.

Like it or not, all of us have to obey someone or an authority over us for the rest of our lives. If there is not order, there will be anarchy and disorder.
Ever since the Garden of Eden, man has struggled with whom he will obey. Someone pointed out that a main theme of the Bible is government; who will govern whom. Will it be God that rules and reigns in our lives, or will we not even obey Him, and instead be our own master?

No matter what we have convinced ourselves to believe, or what has been drummed into our head, there is a godly command to obey many things. Here is some of what God’s Word has to say about obedience:

Again, no one wants to obey anyone. It is a very difficult thing to do. God, however, has laid out a hierarchy of leadership that will work. We may not like the order of people that we are to submit to, but it is God’s plan. His plan works. Choosing whom we will obey usually does not.

God’s commands are for our benefit. Father knows best! As Israel told Joshua, after they learned this truth the hard way, so should our heart’s desire be:
“… The LORD our God will we serve, and his voice will we obey.” Joshua 24:24

“Obedience and respect at home prepare the way for obedience to the employer, and they are joined with other virtues that help assure a prosperous career; crowned with a ripe, honored old age. Disrespect for parents is often the first step in the downward track.”
— D. L Moody


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