Get the Context

Bill Brinkworth

Too often a Bible verse is selected to prove a point or doctrine without understanding what it is really talking about.  The context of the verse is often ignored.  Because previous, or following verses, that inform more fully what the Scripture is about are not heeded, Scripture is often misunderstood.

Not understanding the context of a verse is very much like something we all have done at least once.  We have listened in on a conversation, and thought we knew what was being talked about.  However, after we put our two cents of an opinion into the discussion, we were soon embarrassed because what we thought was being talked about was totally wrong.  They were talking about something completely different.  We came into the conversation at the end and did not understand the original context.

Too often this happens to a Bible reader.  They assume they know what the verse means, but are in left field in understanding the verse.  Getting the context of the verse is paramount. 

Here are some simple guidelines to keep one from making an error in understanding a verse(s):


The Bible is not just a book.  It is God’s preserved Word. Often it is not easy to understand what you are reading unless you have the proper background of the verse.  Always understand a verse’s context before coming to any conclusions concerning its meaning! 

A text without its context is a pretext!”

This lesson was feature in The Bible View #629.

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