Old Testament Commandments

Bill Brinkworth

There are many commandments in the Old Testament.  Some sources declare there are 613.  I have found, after my own attempt in counting them, that it depends on the counter and his criteria  for what actually is considered to be a commandment from God.

Although, my count is only in the 300’s, and others have counted 603 and 613, we all have to agree that there are more than ten commandments that God has given men.  Yet, the number ten somehow sticks in the mind of most people; and they think, along with their other misunderstandings of God’s Old Testament commandments, that they are only responsible for some of those that God gave to Moses on Mount Sinai.
Here are several truths about the Ten Commandments:


“The Law detects.  Grace corrects.”

This lesson was featured in The Bible View #365.

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