Soul Winning

Bill Brinkworth

When a person is saved, all his sins are forgiven. Although God will not remind us of our iniquities, the believer will be judged for what he did for Christ after he was saved. Every Christian is expected to tell others the biblical way to heaven. Although, it is the most neglected commandment by Christians, it is the one most important! Here is some of what the Bible says about our personally winning a soul to heaven:

God chose us to bring as many to heaven with us as we can. What a shame it would be for a Christian to live a full life on earth and never, or rarely, have won a soul to heaven.

“Well, I just can’t do it,” or “I am too shy to talk to anyone,” are not excuses that biblically excuse anyone from their God-commanded duty to witness. I never met a person who thought that it was easy for them to witness to strangers in the beginning. However, God always helped them when they showed they were willing to obey His command.

I am sure it was hard for the members of the early church to win souls to Christ; but because they obeyed God, their church grew. After they witnessed to others, God blessed their church There are too many bound for hell (Mark 7:13). Do not be a selfish Christian and not share eternity with anyone. Someone probably shared it with you. If they did not, you would most likely not be heaven bound. Soul winning is the biblical way to get the message of salvation to others. It still works today! Have you witnessed to anyone this week?

It has been estimated that probably 95% of all church members have never
led anyone to Christ!


This article was featured in The Bible View #229.

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