Real Love: Having Charity

Bill Brinkworth

Love is an emotion that all need to be happy. It is the strong affection a child has for his parents, the fondness parents have for child, the bonding relationship between husband and wife, and the feeling a person has for another. Although one of the most important emotions mankind needs to be healthy, it is the one feeling that is most misunderstood and is confusing to many.

Seekers of love seek it in the wrong places, and when they do experience it they are often confused by the emotion.  People sometimes confuse lust with love, confuse selfishness with love, and sometimes even confuse responsibility with the emotion. Real love is not what one can demand from another.  It is not bought; it is given.

Real love is often referred to as “charity” in the Bible. Charity is described simply in I Corinthians 13:3-8:


The love described in these verses is not the one portrayed in most movies.  It is not the temporary emotion that produces a “love” relationship several times a month.  It is an emotion, given to people by God, and it is tolerant, resilient, forgiving, and binding.  It is real love!

 “Love meets the needs of the loved object.”   — Gary Bane

This lesson was featured in The Bible View #461.

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