No "Little" Sin

Bill Brinkworth

For some reason, most have weighted some sins “heavier” than others. A robbery of a million dollars is seen as wicked and terrible, but the theft of a pen from work is barely even thought of as sin. Still, both are examples of the sin of thievery. In God’s eyes, both committers are equally thieves. Sin is still sin, no matter how serious we think the iniquity.

There is no “small” sin. We may think one worse than others, but in God’s pure eyes, all sin is wicked. The following five examples show sins that we may consider small and insignificant, are very significant to God. Here are some examples of what we would consider “small” sins, but they were still serious disobedience to God’s commands:

As these examples illustrate, all sin is a serious matter to God. No matter what the justification of the deed or the intent, a violation of God’s commandment is sin.

Those in the examples, did not escape the wrath of God when they sinned against a Holy God. Nor will we escape it, even if we think it a “small” sin. None of our sin is taken lightly by God.

  “No sin is small, as no grain of sand is small in the mechanism of a watch.”
— Jeremy Taylors


This lesson was featured in The Bible View #82.

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