Little Can Be Much

Bill Brinkworth

Somehow, many Christians have gotten it into their heads that if God is blessing someone there will be prosperity and ease. Perhaps some of that thinking was drummed into them through the “prosperity Gospel” crowd, who teach that God wants you to be rich and gives one an easy life if they are right with him. Maybe it is our own natural thinking that makes us believe that any problems can only mean that we are not right with God and His hand is against us. That teaching is not evidenced in the Bible often, however.

There were times when God gave peace and prosperity to some at certain times. The majority of the times God’s evidence of power is more evident during “bad” and troubled times. Those times can get one closer to Him and allow one to see God's mighty power.

His miracles were and are performed with the most irrational objects, and resulted in the most illogical solutions. Often God works with a little, rather than much. Yet, when all was finished, there was no question that God had done a great thing with just a little. Some of these great supernatural occurrences were:


Anyone can get by with the help of millions of dollars; there’s not much miracle in that. There is not always proof that God is in the solution when money bought the way out of the problem. When there is plenty in the checkbook, just about anybody can change any situation. Solving situations with plenty is not necessarily God’s fingerprint on the solution.

When God is involved in a situation, He must get the glory. He will get the credit when a "little" does the impossible. Nothing is impossible when God is in the matter. God's involvement is often evident when a little goes a long way and does great and wondrous things. Little is much when God is in it, because God can do anything He desires with anything!

This lesson was featured in The Bible View #83.

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