Isaiah’s Prophecies

Bill Brinkworth

One of the many proofs that the Bible is God’s word and not just a book is the many prophecies it foretells. Thousands of its prophecies have come true and have been verified by history. Unfilled prophecies are expected to be fulfilled shortly.

A prophecy is absolute proof that the Bible is God’s Word. Only God can know the future. Those that claim to tell the future have been proven repeatedly to not be accurate in their guesses. God’s word has always been accurate.

Of the many futuristic predictions within the Bible’s pages over 1000 foretold the Christ, way before Jesus was even born. They told of the One who would come and bear the sins of man; so, through his death, people could have their iniquities forgiven and have a way to heaven. They all came true as Jesus Christ lived and died.

Although scripture is peppered with prophecies of His coming, there are many found in Isaiah 53. If you read it for yourself, you will find prophecies about Jesus’ life and death 712 years before his birth. The over 40 predictions that all came true in chapter 52 include:


Reading the New Testament, especially its first four books, will reveal that all the above prophecies came true many years after. How could that happen? Coincidence! Hardly. The only way they could have all come true is that the futuristic predictions were recorded by God in His perfect, preserved book! The Bible is not just another book!

This lesson was featured in The Bible View #115.

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