If Eve Said "No!" — There is a price tag on sin!

Bill Brinkworth

Genesis 3:1-19 tells the well-known story of Eve and Adam’s disobeying God. Because of this first sin, mankind has been plagued with more sin and its consequences. One bad decision changed all mankind and the earth.  Sin has a terrible price tag. No one gets away from sin's wages.

What happened when Eve disobeyed:


What happened when King David sinned:


Other great men and women sinned and “paid” its terrible consequences.


No one gets away with sin. There is a price tag. The Bible is a lesson book on this subject.  What would you be, if you didn’t make that one mistake?


All sin has consequences — either here or in eternity.  Most already know this, because they have seen what others have reaped by sowing sin in their lives. Why do we sometimes think we can get away with it?

“God hates the sin, but He loves the sinner.”  — D. L. Moody


This lesson was featured in The Bible View #293.

August 7, 1999, Updated 3/9/2011

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