How Much Does Sin Cost?

Bill Brinkworth

Sin is the breaking of God’s commands (See What Is Wrong with Sin?). Godhates our sins, and our committing them has dire consequences. No one commits a sin and Sin takes away freedoms.does not have to face its consequences, one way or another. Here is a biblical study on what sin has cost others, and what it can cost us:

The most expensive thing on this earth is not gold, nor even precious gems. The most expensive thing on this earth is one’s sin. Payday for sin’s commission may not necessarily be today, but payday will be someday. That is why God warns us repeatedly to stay away from the tenacious tentacles of sin. It is not that He wants to rob any of us of our “fun.”  It is because God knows that there is always a terrible price for sin. No one can escape its penalty.

“In diving to the bottom for pleasures we bring up more gravel than pearls.” — Unknown


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This study was featured in The Bible View #246.

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