Control That Tongue!

Bill Brinkworth

There is a part of man, no matter if man or woman, big or small, old or young, that gets them in the most trouble.  This Control what your mouth saysappendage, as small as it is (James 3:5), helps send many in the wrong direction (Jam. 3:3, 4) and is responsible for many things that its owner regrets.  This difficult to manage part of everyone’s anatomy is one’s tongue.

Controlled, one’s tongue can be a blessing to God and man (Jam. 3:9, 10).  Uncontrolled, the tongue can:

We are blessed to have the ability to speak.  It can do so much bad, but it was not given to us for that reason.  Our speech was given to bring honor and glory to God (Jam. 9, 10), to encourage others, to give good counsel, to give words that will guide others in the way God has revealed from His Word, and hosts of other positive outcomes.

Unbridled, the tongue will not achieve much of its original intent.  Controlled, it can do more good than any of our other appendages. Is your tongue under your control or the Holy Spirit’s?  Does your lack of controlling what your tongue utters reflect what truly lurks in your heart (Jam. 3:14)?

“Be careful little lips what you say, for the Father up above, is looking down with love.  Be careful little lips what you say.” — Child’s song.


This lesson was featured in The Bible View #327.

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