Be Not Afraid

Bill Brinkworth

“Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?” Mat. 6:27 

Fear is one of the biggest stumbling blocks most youth and adults face. We are afraid of what could happen, what did happen, or what others may think.We fear for safety, and we fear because of the unknown. Is there something under the bed, or something beyond the next dark corner? Will the bully be there today? Will I say the wrong answer in class, and the kids will think me stupid and laugh? Young stomachs are tied in knots because of something an adult meant figuratively (“I’ll kill him” or “the hurricane will blow us away”). Adult stomachs, eaten by years of worrying, can develop ulcers.

We fear. We fret. All is in vain: “Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?” (Mat. 6:27)  What good will worry do? It won’t make you taller, or thinner. It never solves situations; it just adds to the problem.

Over 50 times in the Bible we are admonished not to be afraid, including:


David, the great warrior and leader, also had fears.  He reminded us to not be:

Life has many questionable twists and turns.  They can be daunting and frightening at times. However, there is no need for a Christian to be alarmed or troubled.  The Christian is never alone. His heavenly Father looks over him day and night.  Not one thing can happen to a believer without the Father’s knowing, and He is definitely able to keep His children safe.

“No Christian ever falls beneath today’s load. We only fall when we borrow tomorrow’s trials, without the benefit of tomorrow’s grace.”

July 26, 2005, Revised 9/27/2011 dftb 7/16

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