When "All" Is Enough

Barbara Brinkworth

“Well, I guess all we can do is pray.”  

Often, this statement is heard when people are at the end of their rope.  They have done all they can do to fix a problem.  They have knocked on every door of opportunity available to them.  They have acted out every possible solution to a problem. 

Isn’t it strange they did not get to the point of prayer sooner?  If they really believed that there was a God in heaven who answers prayer, prayer would have been the first step in changing a situation or solving a problem. Well, there is a God in Heaven that answers prayer!

All through the Bible, God gives evidence of direct answers to prayer.  In many of these situations, prayer was not only “all” that could be done; it was what should have been done first.  Prayer was always the solution to the problem at hand.  It was enough.  Some biblical examples are:


There are many more biblical stories that could be told of the power of prayer.  Suffice to say that the next time someone says to you, ”Well, I guess all you can do now is pray”; I  hope you will say to them with confidence, “Great, because I know that is enough.”


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