When Wrong Advice Is Heeded

Bill Brinkworth

The Bible repeatedly warns believers to be careful of the company they keep.  The wrong influences often point a Christian in the wrong direction and quite often hurt a Christian’s testimony and closeness with the Lord. What we learn, or are told, by the wrong pressures can direct us into making wrong decisions that we may regret.

Here are some of the many biblical instances where a child of God was negatively affected by choosing the wrong associates and listening to their counsel:

Too many take the wrong advice from newspaper advice columns, TV personalities, social services, psychologists, and many other sources that are not offering good, godly advice. Without question, they heed the advice given and never consider what the Lord would have them do. Most often that advice turns out to do more harm than good. 

“Thus saith the Lord” about any matter should be the first concern when discerning what to do in any situation. God has successfully raised trillions of children. Seek His advice from His Word, the Bible, and seek His direction by prayer. God’s advice is never wrong!


“Maybe you should take the advice of people that love you and are concerned for your well-being; when they warn you to stay away from a person or group of people!”

This lesson was featured in The Bible View #394.

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