Comments About The Bible View


"I use The Bible View in our church bulletin each week. Everyone loves it. I appreciate you using the KJV because that is the version o the Bible that we use in our church ..."— Antioch Baptist Church of Florence, MS

"Thank you very much for this powerful ministry; getting concise, well thought-out, sound and practical biblical messages to the saints in a pleasant format. God Bless You and your edifying ministry." — Pastor Louis Guarneri, Straightway Baptist Church, Princeton, NJ

"... We use your "Daily View" in our church bulletin ..." — Dr. Alvin Wilson, Lighthouse Baptist Church, Laurens, SC

"We use the bulletins with our bus ministry and with our Teen Sunday school class web-site ... and use them in all our bus ministry flyers. What a a blessing!" — Rev. Ray Shutt, Berean Baptist Church, Winston-Salem, NC

"Great tool since it stays in the hands of the folks long after we have left them!" — Dr. Jim Doster, Gloucester City, NJ

"It is a great ministry tool. " — Pastor Don Gates, Arkadelphia, AR

"This has been a great addition to our bulletin and it has been received quite well by our members. We print our church name and address at the top, like suggested, and it looks very professional. Thank you so much for making this available! It gives glory to God!" — Shawn McDaniel, Traverse City, MI

"Such an easy way to encourage, edify, enrich the life of someone we come in contact with and share with neighbors, etc." — Bro. Norman Gartin, Riverside, CA

"Very good pamphlet, short and easy to read for people who don't have the time or commitment for deep discussions of the Bible." — Member of Salem Missionary Baptist Church

"Our people really enjoy the extra reading and inspiration." — New Life Baptist Church, Presque Isle, ME

"Great addition to our ministry of starting churches in NJ." — Pastor Kevin DeAngelo, Keyport, NJ

"I make copies and distribute them to any inmate who desires to have one. It is quite popular." — Chaplain Harold Dimmitt, Williamsburg, VA

"Many members like it, and so do I as the pastor." — Pastor Jim Nicholson, Albuquerque, NM

"I have used other handouts from ... some of which are no longer available. The Bible View is better than any of those I have used. Thanks! — Pastor Kyeth Lindsay

"Our folks enjoy the short, easy-to-read stories in The Bible View. Many are impressed with the relevance today of many writings of yesteryear. God's Holy Word is pertinent for all generations." — Pastor John Whitaker, Black Creek, GA


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