The Comforter

Bill Brinkworth

Just before Jesus faced the ordeal that would lead Him to die on the cross, He promised His disciples that another “Comforter” would be sent to them after He was gone.

“And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever;” John 14:16 Also: John 16:26

When I think of “comforter”, I am reminded of the light, down-filled blanket my aunt let me use when we stayed with her in her Maine cabin. It kept me warm during the coolest nights. When I was afraid of the dark, or the bats that somehow got in once in awhile, it was always that comforter that somehow made me feel safe and secure as I snuggled underneath it. Yet, as much as it protected me from what was outside, I hardly even knew it was there; as it was so light.

It has been over two thousand years, and Christ is no longer here to visibly comfort His followers; as He was when He walked this earth. He has kept His Word and left the “Comforter” to help meet the needs of His believers while they are here on earth. Like the security my aunt’s blanket left to whosoever used it; so will the “Comforter” Christ left here on earth, comfort, soothe, strengthen and support a believer. Here is some of what is said about the Comforter in the Bible:


“When men surrender themselves to the Spirit of God, they will learn more concerning God and Christ and the atonement and immortality in a week, than they would learn in a lifetime, apart from the Spirit.” — Brown 


This study was featured in The Bible View #208.

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